More about our family!

Our hope is to grow our family!

5 Things we like to do as a Family…

When it comes down to 5 things that we love about our family:
1). We love our big and supportive family! We enjoy all our time together and see each other as often as we can.
2). We love adventure! We love to travel and explore new places together. We also love painting, playing board games, and solving puzzles.
3). We love the outdoors! We enjoy hiking in the mountains as often as we can. John loves to ski during the winter and Morgan enjoys riding horses.
4). We enjoy being involved in our community and church. We often volunteer for the local food pantry or soup kitchen.
5). We love being together! We are truly best friends and enjoy spending all our time with each other. We also love our dog, Henry, and enjoy taking him with us on our outdoor adventures.

John’s Favorites

  • Favorite Vacation: Belize
  • Favorite Color: Red
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Activity: Skiing
  • Best Day Ever: Marrying Morgan
  • Favorite Book: The Forgotten Soldier
  • Favorite Movie: Gladiator
  • Favorite Team: Broncos
  • What Is Your Passion: Making people laugh
  • The Best Thing About You: My generosity and patience
  • Most Important Thing to You: My faith
  • What Inspires You: Learning and teaching
  • Most Important Person: Morgan
  • Most Influential Person in Your Life: My dad

Morgan’s Favorites

  • Favorite Vacation: Belize
  • Favorite Color: Burgundy
  • Favorite Food: Enchiladas
  • Favorite Activity: I love to cook and bake.
  • Best Day Ever: Marrying John
  • Favorite Book: Lost December
  • Favorite Movie: Braveheart
  • Favorite Team: The Broncos
  • What Is Your Passion: Helping and serving others
  • The Best Thing About You: My tender heart
  • Most Important Thing to You: My family and my faith
  • What Inspires You: My family
  • Most Important Person: John
  • Most Influential Person in Your Life: My mom

More About Us

Our wedding day! We have been best friends for many years and share a close and special bond. John singing to me on our wedding day is a reflection of how loving and silly he is. Our family really enjoyed this special moment that we shared.

We love spending time together in the kitchen. While one of us cooks, the other assists and is the official taste tester!

Morgan learned to ride horses as a little girl because she grew up on a ranch. John enjoys being near animals and has gotten better in his riding since meeting Morgan. We go riding as often as we can, and we hope to own a few horses one day.

Snowmobiling in the mountains! We love to go snowmobiling in the winter with our friends and family.

Hiking as a family! Our Yorkie, Henry, loves to go hiking with us! He is very energetic, playful, and sweet. He loves to be included in all our activities and enjoys playing with children.

Our Home- We live in a beautiful one story home, built in 2001. It has three spacious bedrooms and two bathrooms. Our home has an open floor plan, with two large living rooms, a nice kitchen, a big backyard, and is the perfect place to start a family.

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