More about my family!

My hope is to grow our family.

5 things we love about our family…

1). My family supports all my decisions great and small.
2). My family is easily pleased by the little joys in life, like singing in the car and dancing around the kitchen.
3). Our faith. We believe in something bigger than ourselves that accepts us as we are.
4). Our thirst for learning and growing that enriches our understanding of the world.
5). How much we love animals and the unconditional love they bless our family with.

About Me….

Favorite meal: Roast beef and mashed potatoes
Favorite music: 80s
Favorite thing about kids: How they keep you guessing
What inspires you: People who make the most out of the hand they were dealt
Favorite vacation: Italy
Favorite activity: Hiking
Favorite season: Fall
Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving
Favorite sweet: Brownies
Favorite salty: Chips
Favorite sport to watch: Hockey
Favorite sport to play: Track
Best thing about me: How I’m always striving to grow as a person
Most important things to me: My friends, my family, and my faith.

Favorite things…

Kayaking in the lake. I take advantage of the many outdoor activities my mountainous state has to offer. As the baby gets older, there are a lot of things we can do outside together.

What better way to spend a day than relaxing on the boat with friends?

Dad and I being silly playing Frisbee golf. A game isn’t compete without him commenting that they should add rocking chairs to the course!

This is a best friend from college and her baby. Most of my friends have had kids by now, so it’s good that mine will have lots of playmates.

Here’s the Fam. My dad was a cook so we’ve always eaten well. My parents are both retired now and are super excited about their first opportunity to spoil a grandchild.

Color Run – My friend and I loved this run because they splash you along the way with color. A baby will help keep me active.

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