Birth mom AB is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and has asked A Act of Love Adoptions to help find an adoptive family that is home study ready for her baby and assist her with an adoption plan. Her baby girl is due the end of May, 2017. She is searching for a loving, happy family that will provide a good home to her African American baby girl. She has requested that she is interested in an open adoption to include pictures and updates through email and may want to meet the parents prior to the birth. Her adoption situation is requiring assistance from the adoptive family for living and care expenses.

Birth mom AB reports that she is healthy and has not experienced any major injury, illness, medical problem or developmental problem during her life. She reports that she is currently receiving prenatal care and is taking prenatal vitamins. Birth mom also reports that there were no complications during the prior pregnancies or the deliveries of her other children. The non-identifying social and health information along with available medical records will be accessible to families when they are approved for the outreach program with A Act of Love Adoptions.

She denies any use of drugs or alcohol during this pregnancy. She has stated that there is some tobacco use in this pregnancy.

Birth mom AB will be reviewing family profiles as soon as they are approved and become available to her from A Act of Love Adoptions. To get started and have your profile considered quickly by AB, please visit the Outreach Adoptions Page, this will assist you with steps for the outreach program approval process. Questions can either be directed to or by calling the office.

Our staff can be contacted Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. MST at 1-888-767-7740 or 1-801-572-1696 with questions concerning this adoption situation or other available situations. We are excited to help you get pre-qualified for adoption with A Act of Love Adoptions and help you with all or your adoption needs. All of our adoption situations are presented to our full-service adoptive families first prior to presenting to outreach adoptive families.

A Act of Love Adoptions is always happy to offer individual services to families as well as birth parents interested in completing an adoption, as well as private adoptions, agency assist, and full adoption services.

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We look forward to being able to support you with your adoption needs.

For more information on this situation as well as our outreach program Click Here!

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