The average age of adoptive parents is generally about 25 to 50 years old. However, in certain circumstances, one or both adoptive parents could be older than 50. Many birth parents share that when they are choosing a family for their baby they are looking for the person or persons that they connect with and get a feeling of confidence and security.

There are certain requirements for those wanting to adopt a child. As part of the home study process, it is important that a FBI background and criminal check be completed; along with child abuse clearances on each person applying to become an adoptive parent. Anyone living in the home over the age of 18 must also submit and receive the FBI background criminal clearance and child abuse clearances.  A home study is completed by a licensed social worker, who personally visits the home and meets and interviews with all who live there. A thorough overview of the home is performed and individual interviews are conducted with each person. The social worker then prepares a written summary of the visit, including any recommendations or follow-ups that need to happen prior to approval. Some of the other requirements for prospective adoptive parents include seeing a physician for a complete physical and showing proof of health insurance and employment or source of income.

In addition to background screenings and home studies, Act of Love Adoptions has their own requirements. Some of these include: letters of recommendation, CPR certification, infant care classes, interviews with agency social workers and adoption training education.  All of this preparation and inquiry is done in the best interest of the adoptive parents and child to be placed in the home.  Visit the AOL website to review all requirements at Adoption Requirements.

Learning more about the adoption process can be very beneficial. Act of Love provides an informal adoption orientation the first Tuesday of every month.  Call today to speak with an adoption specialist to get more information at 888-767-7740.  Out-of-state families can receive further information by phone or by Skype.  For example, if adoptive parents want to learn more about the birth parents process of preparing for adoption, or the tender feelings and emotions they may experience throughout their adoption journey, we can help.  Further, with most adoptions being more open than ever before, it’s important that an adoptive parent feel comfortable and understand the type of adoption they will choose.  If open adoption is not best for the adoptive parents, they should request their profile be considered on those that prefer a more closed situation. The more you know up front, the better you can handle situations as they arise. The better educated you are, the more understanding and compassion you will have for your birth parents.


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