You’re pregnant, short on cash, the rent is due and you have no one to turn to!  The first decision you need to make is “what do I want for me and my baby?”

Making this decision will help you with the choices that will follow.  If you decide to parent your baby, there are support people and organizations that can help.  There are pregnancy resources available in every state and many will assist you with getting medical help, parenting classes, physical items needed for baby, resources in the community, and counseling.  Contacting a pregnancy resource center can open other doors to help that you may not know existed, such as low income housing contacts, job help, schooling options and many more.

If adoption is the path you choose,  contacting an adoption agency will give you the support throughout the pregnancy and for many years after placement.  Working with adoption agencies is very beneficial to birth parents who need financial support, emotional support and physical support, such as transportation to medical appointments.  Adoption agencies can surround you with a loving staff who knows adoption and have the skills to help you take each step through the process.  There is usually an immediate need for rent or utilities and an adoption agency can help you with that.  Let us help you.  Call now 1-800-835-6360 or text 801-450-0094.

You may be  homeless, bouncing around to friends places, or living in cars.  That is no fun, especially when you are pregnant!  We can help!  Don’t delay!  Pick up the phone and call 1-800 835-6360 right away. Help is just that phone call away!


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