Rodney & Lacy

Dear Birth Parent,

We are so excited to tell you about our family! We are looking forward to growing our family, and we hope you will consider us. We have an amazing family and a lot of love to give!
We met in 2019 and have been married since the Spring of 2020. We live in southern Mississippi, and Lacy has 2 children that Rodney has been an amazing stepfather to. We both work from home and Lacy works her own hours which is great because we would never need daycare. In our spare time we enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles and watching TV shows and movies together.

Rodney and Lacy have no children together. However, Rodney has always dreamed of being a father and wants to love and care for a baby with Lacy. Since Lacy is no longer able to have children, we felt that adoption was the best choice for us. We are so eager that we already created and decorated a brand-new nursery!

Lacy has spent over 12 years as a nurse specializing in home health and hospice. In 2021, she became a full-time Youtuber specializing in true crime. She loves to read at night before bed, loves chocolate, is easygoing, and very laid back.

Rodney is a Software Engineer and has worked with the same company for 20 years. He works at home, loves Saints football, and is super close to his parents. He has a lot of patience, compassion and a lot of love to give.
We live in a quiet, safe subdivision, where everyone is so friendly. Every Christmas the neighborhood has a Christmas lights contest that we love to participate in. We also have an Olympic size swimming pool that the kids love to go to. Every Halloween, we get lots of trick-or-treaters and decorate the house in spooky fun decorations.

We love getting together and playing board games and meeting up at our favorite restaurants. Our family has so much love to give and we are all very close with each other.

Our son, Jett, is a fun-loving child that enjoys watching cartoons. He and Rodney are very close and love playing video games together. He is so excited to become a big brother and constantly talks about it. Jett has a lot of personality and is so sweet and quite hilarious at times.

Our daughter, Abigail, is very independent and recently moved out on her own. She works full-time and attends college where she is earning a degree in the medical industry. Abigail is very excited that we are adding to our family and is looking forward to having a new sibling to love and care for.
Rodney’s parents have no grandchildren and are VERY excited about becoming grandparents. They have been supportive since we first made the decision to adopt. They live in the same subdivision as us and even on the same road.
Rodney’s brother and sister-in-law, Ryan and Helen, are so excited for our kids to grow up together.

Lacy is the youngest of three daughters. All her immediate family lives in the same state but in different cities. We love to get together during the holidays and play games!

We go to Disney World at least twice a year and sometimes Universal Studios as well. We love trying different restaurants and resorts each time. We also like to go to Epcot during the festivals to try unique foods and snacks.

The schools in our area are top-ranked, and Jett and Abigail have enjoyed growing up in our area. We live in a very tight-knit community where everyone watches out for each other. We also have a local university, and our zoo has been rated best in the state.

Thank you for taking the time to view our profile. We are very much open to continued communication and would love to stay connected. We respect your strength and bravery and hope you will consider including us in your journey.

Forever Grateful,

Rodney and Lacy







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