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We appreciate the time you are taking to get to know our family. We are incredibly grateful to you for considering adoption. Your decision is selfless and demonstrates profound love for your baby and their future. He or she will bring a beautiful gift to our family, one we have been waiting for many years. We will forever be grateful to you and you will always be an important part of our family.

Your baby will come to a home where we have been praying and hoping that one of God’s sweet spirits will join us to complete our family. We know that God will guide us and we also know he will guide you in this process too. We will always tell your baby how much you love them and that you will always love them. We will also love him or her unconditionally. We admire your courage and respect you for choosing what you feel to be the best for your baby.

Carolina was born and raised in Chile and Nate grew up in the US. We come from different backgrounds and cultures, which has been very fun. We met in Chile but started dating when we both moved to Utah. We instantly became best friends. We would talk for hours and hours. It didn’t take long to realize we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, so we got married after six months.

We now have four kids. We try to teach our kids to love both sides of who they are, the American and Chilean. They can even speak Spanish fluently! We always planned on having more kids after our 4th but never could. After a lot of contemplating and praying now we know God has led us to this journey of adoption. We are ready to love another child and welcome them into our home.

Family is the most important thing to us. We do everything together and learn a lot about each other along the way. We celebrate every success our children have and encourage them to always do their best. We encourage our children to work hard in school and to get a good education so they have the opportunity to do what they love when they become adults. We also teach our kids the importance of God in their lives.

A few of our favorite things:
*Trying out new restaurants
*Walks and hikes
*Bike rides
*Remodeling our house
*Taking quick overnight trips
*Eating dessert or chips and salsa in bed
*Watching movies
*Traveling with our kids
*Waterskiing and wake surfing on our boat
*Skiing and snowboarding in the beautiful mountains of Utah
*Theme parks

Carolina grew up in the very large city Santiago, Chile. When she was a kid, she loved going to the beach with her family. Her senior year of high school she did a foreign exchange program in Utah. She lived with a family of four adopted children. They were so kind and loving. They still keep in touch. They are like her second family. After this experience she moved back to Chile for a couple of years. She then went to Utah to finish her bachelor’s degree. Carolina has taught preschool, elementary, special education, ESL, and religious courses. She is no longer working and enjoys being at home with the kids.

Carolina’s favorite things:
*Cooking and crochet
*Going to the movies
*Walks and bike rides
*Pedicures with our daughters

Nate grew up in the Air Force and then moved to Utah. He spent his youth in the outdoors and traveling. He went on a two year church mission to Santiago, Chile where he also met Carolina. After his mission he went to college and got married. Nate began his airline career in Las Vegas. He has been flying ever since and now is a captain for a major airline. Flying has been a very fun job and it also allows us to travel very easily and have lots of family time. He’s looking forward to another baby in the family!

Nate’s favorite things:
*Mountain biking
*Eating spicy food
*The color blue
We have two boys and two girls. They are a very fun-loving bunch. We encourage them to study hard and to get as much education as they can. We support them in their sports, dance, and school activities. Our kids love:
*Skiing and snowboarding
*Playing board games
*Having fun with friends, cousins, and each other

We spend as much free time together as possible. We love traveling to different countries to experience new cultures. We love going to the beach to play, snorkel, and surf. We love taking our kids where they can practice their Spanish. We think that traveling is an important part of education and will turn them into well-rounded individuals. So far, we have visited 8 countries and many states with our kids.

We live in a small mountain town 45 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah. In the summer we love playing in the mountains fishing, hiking, and camping. We love riding our bikes to the dairy to buy cheese and to the ice cream shop on hot days. We enjoy boating on the many lakes near our house where we can spend time and have fun together. In the winter it snows a lot where we live! We like skiing and snowboarding together at the resort in Park City. We enjoy ice skating at the town rink. We are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

We truly believe families can be together forever. We can’t wait to add one more child to our family. It’s important to us that the new addition always knows you and knows how much you love him or her. He or she will know their story. We look forward to having continued contact with you if this is your desire so together we can give your baby their best life. We appreciate you and pray for your health and wellbeing. Thanks for taking the time to get to know our Family!

With love,
Nate, Carolina, Alex, Ellie, Noah, and Elena


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