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Dear Birth Parents,

I admire your courage and am so grateful that you are considering me for the opportunity to become a parent. I’ve dreamed of becoming a mother my whole life and can’t wait to share a home and life of love with a child. I wish you the best on this journey.

About Jackie – I grew up in Minnesota and have lived in Arizona and New York City, but returned back home to be near family. I’m extremely close to my wonderful mother, father and older sister and one of my favorite things is being the “fun aunt” to my sweet nephews and niece. My family spends much of our time watching their football games, dance recitals, swimming together, decorating for the holidays, reading books and telling jokes. My parents are thrilled at the idea of becoming grandparents again and plan to be there to help celebrate all of the child’s moments, big and small. My parents have always been my biggest cheerleaders and supportive of my dreams and this is something I can’t wait to be for a child. I own a home in a beautiful tree lined neighborhood with lots of young families, bike paths and parks.

Some of my beliefs are to treat all people equally and to try to think of others before yourself to see who may need help. My relationships with others are the most important things in my life and surrounding myself with kind, generous people has taught me the importance of these traits in life.
I graduated from a Christian university and now enjoy my career as a legal project manager. I love hiking, cooking and exploring the outdoors and traveling to new places. My favorites are pasta and the beach!

Thank you for letting me share about myself. It means the world to me that you are considering me for the bright future of this child and I’m more than ready for what’s ahead!



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