Dirk & Kimberly

Dear Birthparent,

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. We cannot say enough about how thankful we are for the brave, selfless, and loving choice you are making. We feel truly blessed that you are considering us to parent your sweet, precious baby. We hope and pray that you have the love and support you need during this time.

Our heart’s desire has always been to have a family, and we are so blessed that our path has led us to adoption. We are humbled to be able to experience this process and look forward to this journey of creating a family. We are open to any level of involvement that you want to have throughout your child’s life. We will tell him/her the story of their adoption, and we want your child to be proud to be adopted and know that they have two sets of parents that have loved them from the beginning.

About Dirk

I am an honest, trustworthy, humble, and family-oriented person who is very loyal and passionate about my friends and family. I am a Sr. Manufacturing Electrical Engineer for an automotive manufacturing company. I enjoy science, technology, and automotive related activities. These were all activities that I enjoyed doing with my dad growing up. When I need a little downtime, you can find me gaming on my PlayStation 5, but I mostly enjoy spending time with my family!

About Kimberly

I am active, energetic, loving, and a true loyalist by nature. My family, friends, and faith mean the world to me. I enjoy water skiing, ziplining, gathering with friends and family, and spending time with my husband and our two Schnauzers named Nasje and Tasje. To me, family is everything!

Additionally, I have taught kindergarten through 6th grade for over 20 years. My students have taught me so much about unconditional love, the value of positive and specific praise, and that laughter is truly the best medicine. I enjoy my job, and I love my students, but more than anything I want to be a fulltime mother once we adopt.

About Our Home and Neighborhood

We live in a beautiful family-oriented neighborhood with lots of trees, a lake, and a community park. You often see families pushing babies in strollers, walking pets, riding bikes, or rollerblading around our neighborhood. We know our neighbors well and have developed close friendships with many of them.

We consider our home to be our refuge. With three floors of living space, we have the freedom to be creative, read, play, entertain guests, or just relax. Your little one would have their own bedroom, playroom, and a large backyard in which to play.

We cannot express enough how much we would love to share all of this with your little one. We have plenty of room in our home and even more in our hearts.

About Our Family

We are blessed to have a wonderful tight-knit family. Because family is so important to us as a couple, we make every effort to be involved in the lives of all of our family members as much as possible!

Kimberly and her mom are the best of friends, and they talk nearly every day. They share the same bubbly personality, love of history, interior decorating, and faith. “Grammie” lives only a short 12 minutes away, and we get to see her often. She cannot wait to “spoil” her newest grandchild!

Dirk’s dad and siblings live close by too. We are all always together for special events, holidays, and birthdays. Sometimes they come over just to have dinner and talk. We are so glad that we have so many family members that live just minutes away.

Most of our large extended family live in our hometown. We gather often for family dinners, holidays, birthdays, baptisms, and vacations. We’ve shared our news of adoption with our family and they are beyond excited for us. They have joined us in praying for you and your child.

What Adoption Means to Us (by Kimberly)

Since I was a child, I have said that one day I wanted to adopt. Very early on in our relationship I shared my heart’s desire with Dirk and to my surprise, he was just as excited about adopting as I was. We have been very busy building our careers and creating a wonderful life for ourselves, but have a void that only a child can fill.

We have family members, friends and co-workers who have adopted, and they have been a great support to us. We look forward to becoming parents and having the opportunity to teach and nurture a child. We both know that God is in control, and He is opening doors to make this dream come true. Dirk and I are extremely excited for the child God has planned for us. Should you choose us to parent your child, know that they will be loved unconditionally with our entire hearts.

Please Accept Our Heartfelt Thanks

We thank you again for considering us! We are grateful for the blessing and opportunity to be a part of your journey. We hope you can see the love, fun, and stability that we yearn to share with your child. We want your child to know the love and sacrifice you have made for them and to know who you are. We are open to the post adoption plan with which you are the most comfortable. Your feelings and your well-being are very important to us. Whatever your decision may be, please know that you and your family are in our daily thoughts and prayers!

Dirk & Kimberly







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