Brett & Victoria

Dear Expectant Parent,

We are so honored you are taking the time to consider us to be the parents of your child. “Thank You” does not express the depth of gratitude we feel for your courage – it is through your choice that we can fulfill our dream of raising a child.

We met while working abroad in Amman, Jordan, and we enjoy traveling the world – something we look forward to sharing as a family as our family grows. Brett is from Iowa, and Victoria is from Texas. Both of us are close with our families and enjoy traditions like playing bingo and making food with our families during the holidays. Some of our closest friends live on opposite ends of the globe, but we keep in touch via Skype and trips to visit each other. We also make strong bonds with our “found” families abroad.

You must have so many hopes and dreams for your child’s future. We are excited to grow our family through adoption. We promise to give your child a home full of love, laughter, unconditional support, silliness, and adventure. We would love to meet you. No matter your decision, we admire your strength, and we wish you peace and love on your journey.

With love,

Brett and Victoria

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